Here is some themes and midifiles for the Sony Ericsson Z600 and T610 (Might work on others to).

Currently there is three themes, one Commodore 64, a Java Metal (Swing) and a Amiga OS 1.3 theme.

The Java Metal theme.
Download here!

The Commodore 64 theme.
Download here! (updated 2004-02-02 small fixes)

The Amiga OS 1.3 theme.
Download here!

For making the experience total here is some midi files originaly made by Rob Hubbard on the C64. Converted to GM/GS by Geir Tjelta (geirt(at)funcom(dot)com) Download here!

And here is some midi files made by Karsten Obarski on Soundtracker converted to midi by me. The songs is Amegas, Bluesong, Future Tank. More to come :-) (Hopefully I can get a proffesional musician to polish them, Hi! Burt!)
Download here!

Contact: per(dot)jonsson(at)laetus(dot)se

Screenshot from the themeeditor.

Preview of the Commodore 64 Theme on Sony Ericsson Z600